Septic and Well Services for Waterloo, Wisconsin & Surrounding Communities


Keeping the Water Flowing in Waterloo & Surrounding Communities

If you live in an older Midwestern home in a small community like our own, odds are that you have a septic system..

Unlike bigger cities and communities that rely on shared plumbing infrastructure, older homes and smaller towns don’t usually have that luxury. In the absence of a sewer system, it becomes the residents’ responsibility to take care of their waste. For most people around here, that involves a septic tank and a drainage field.

Serving Our Community Since 1987

Septic tanks require maintenance and servicing to keep working as the years go on. It’s messy work, but somebody has to do it. If you’re going to hire someone to pump out your sewage, you might as well hire the best in the business.

We’ve been pumping out septic tanks and installing well systems for over 30 years. We’ve seen it all, and we know how to serve you and your localized plumbing needs.
septic truck with blue tank — Septic Service in Waterloo, WI

Pumping Services

When it comes to septic services, nothing can substitute for a serious pumping. We’ll make sure your septic system or holding tank is flowing, any hour of the day.

Septic Services

We offer a variety of septic services, from pumping and repairs to installation and maintenance.

Well Services

Your well is in good hands. We’ll handle it all, from design and installation to repairs and abandonment, all at convenient and affordable rates.

Professional Septic Maintenance and Installation

We’re used to going out of the way to serve our customer base. Here in southeastern Wisconsin, we have an enormous need for regular septic maintenance and superb well service. Modern plumbing and water supply are more than just hygienic. They’re part of our way of life.

Consult with Eckmayer Inc to learn about our various services. You don’t have to settle for going it alone or doing your repairs yourself. We’re your neighbors, and we’re here for you.