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Facts and Tips for Septic Systems in Waterloo, Wisconsin and Surrounding Areas

Be Kind to Your Septic System

Not everything is meant to go into a septic system.

Unlike public sewers, septic systems are much more limited in capacity. Each system consists of a holding tank and a drainage field. The tank holds onto all of the solids that get deposited into the system, where they ideally decompose into bacterial sludge. The water then flows out of the tank and into the drainage field, where it leaks into the underground soil.

Any solids put down the drain collect in your septic tank, and since your tank has limited space, too many solids down the drain can disrupt the entire system. Garbage disposals can be problematic because they deposit many more solids, requiring more tank pumping and cleaning than usual.

Proper Products for Best Results

Some objects don’t decompose. Please do not put any of the following into your septic system: grease, feminine hygiene products, diapers, dental floss, cigarette butts, cat litter, anything cotton, condoms, paper towels, gasoline or wipes.

Toilet paper can also be a problem if it’s thicker than two-ply. Thick toilet paper is much more likely to clog together and obstruct the flow of water.

Keep Out That Sewage Scent

If you have a drain, you should use it regularly. Every drain has a curved section known as a P-trap. This curved section holds standing water, which serves to block the smells that might otherwise come from the tank further down the line.

If you don’t use your drains, that standing water can evaporate, leading to disgusting smells wafting into your bathroom or kitchen. Remedy this by pouring a gallon of water or two down the drain. If the smell persists after doing this, call us. There might be something wrong with your system.

Service Your System Regularly

Most of these problems can be easily avoided through the proper use of your drains. If something does go wrong, you’ll want maintenance and repairs performed on your system. When this happens, give us a call. We’ve served Waterloo and surrounding communities for more than 30 years, providing septic excellence in every capacity..

Contact us today to learn more about our septic services.

Maintain Your Septic System 

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