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Water Well Repair Services around Madison, WI

Located in Waterloo, WI

When you turn on your tap, you don’t want mud or sludge coming out of your faucet. Groundwater isn’t pretty, but it can be a vital source for the hydration that you and your family need. In our corner of Wisconsin, plumbing systems aren’t always available, which means that you might need to draw up plans for a well.

Getting the well that’s right for you is important. Your home and lifestyle have certain demands for water, and some systems won’t cut it for you. Figuring out which system to invest in can be difficult.

That’s why Eckmayer Inc devotes itself to building up our neighbors and friends here in Waterloo with the best well systems available. You shouldn’t have to settle for less.

Complete Services for Keen Customers

When it comes to figuring out a well, we offer our customers the full package.


We won’t just offer piecemeal advice. We’ll chlorinate your water supply and provide all of the necessary filters and pumps to keep clean water flowing into your home.

In addition, we can provide you with well abandonment services for any old and unused wells.

Drink Well for Years to Come

For 30 years, Eckmayer Inc has served its community in Waterloo and surrounding areas by providing clean water. Well water is much more than just a convenience; for many people, it’s a necessity, and we take it seriously.

Consult with us today to learn how to optimize your well situation.

Keep Your Water Flowing 

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